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We are stewards of the land.
Making the most of Mendocino County

Located in the heart of Mendocino County, we are surrounded by golden rolling hills, ancient oaks and towering redwoods that give way to dense plant-nourishing fog. The valley floor around us is filled with organic farms, like our own, and family run wineries that also leverage the bountiful California terroir. These perfect conditions have allowed sun-grown cannabis growers to cultivate these lands since the 60’s, and have created a culture around it.

We started Mendocino Grasslands to grow the highest quality of cannabis and at Yokayo Ranch, we build on that heritage and bring people together.

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Ian is a lifelong entrepreneur with the ability to conquer anything he puts his mind to.

As a native of Mendocino County, this land has always been special. And when the opportunity came to start growing in a location alongside family, and the community that's supported them for so long, there was no passing it up. 


A place to gather and

create your own experience.

The Ranch is also home to a wedding venue, event space, vacation rental and a retreat from your everyday life. Yokayo Ranch is a place of serenity, a place to let loose and gather with your people. 

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